Interoperable Electronic   Health   Record 
Universal Electronic Medical Platform 

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What is PulseiEHR

PulseiEHR is a full and comprehensive web-based information technology solution for all types of medical providers that addresses all business aspects including but not limited to:

·          Scheduling

·          Billing 

·          Revenue cycle management

·          Finance and accounting

·          HR full fledged functions

·          Interoperable electronic medical record

·          Decision support system

·          Full integration with Nephis platform

·          Embedded ICD10 AM

·          Executive dashboards

·          Diagnostic modules including equipment integration

·          Teleradiology

·          Teleconsultation

·          Patient portal 

And many other modules that render easy and straight forward efficient control of any operation and the ever-needed optimization of executives ‘decision making.

While preserving its source codes universality, PulseiEHR allow a wide range of customization by the end user without the need to wait for developer interventions thus providing unmatched flexibility mandated by user specifics.

PulseiEHR uses the latest technology infrastructure to enhance process speed, allow networking between operating entities and provide the highest level of security.

Bundled under monthly subscription modality with full support, PulseiEHR is provisioned to ease the financial burdens of any institution.